The High Score


The High Score is a collaborative hip hop / bit collage project with Vov Abraxas acting as main producer.
The beats were made from samples from 8 bit nintendo games, and most of the verses are dropped by friends of Vov Abraxas, with exception to a few tracks which are strictly collage and mashes mixed together.
There is a loose philosophy woven into this project. All the beats have to have samples that were from games that were released for NES. but the lyrics had to be based in reality and draw little to no attention to the video game theme, I say loose, because as a producer it was difficult to impossible to have the rappers involved not draw from video games if even just to bring them up to deny their existence.
Either way, this project is a slow process and ongoing. Not sure if it will accumulate into an album or a few EPs divided by the seasons which they were produced.
There will be more coming.


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