Spooks of Hazard

10731160_10152795146747344_7271715347707528681_n184853_10150392878085023_6192450_nThe Spooks of Hazard are a band/noise crew comprised of Jess T. Horricks, Kris Krievin, Alan Guise, Jordan Strum and Vov Abraxas.
They specialize in grunge jazz, dark funk, and straight noise.

They have 3 albums, one of which has not been released yet. The first album is called “Chetch Party.”  Named after a party the boys had one lonely Valentines Day where no women were to be found. No actual chetching took place at this party.

The second album is a more dance mix inspired piece called “Long Car Ride”
the album starts off poppy and friendly and gradually descends into a sonic hangover in some abyss.


The third album is in the hands of Jordan Strum who has been slowly tweaking it over the course of a few years. This album is the one with actual crafted songs and rehearsed band work. Each Spooks album has a motif lacing the whole thing together and the motif of the third is the return or rather, arrival at conventional band work. The release date is still currently unknown.


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