Dine Peril

Dine Peril is an ongoing dark ambient project that is built out of mystery, experiments, darkness and sleepless nights.
It started as a stack of beats that weren’t fitting with the Vov Abraxas motif at the time, but would later on. It’s like Dine Peril was the raw material, and Vov Abraxas is the touched up watered down digestible version of it.
Techniques that were used in a Dine Peril album in 2003 would later be used in a Vov Abraxas album in 2005. So it would have an effect like, the artist was knowingly ahead of himself and influencing himself.

Dine Peril made a screen debut in Greg Jacobsen’s (aka Greg Large) thesis film for school…

It’s noise, it’s hard to write about, but that shouldn’t suggest that it has no merit, there are some masterful moments of production and serious challenges to convention and form.

The project continues to this day, and Dine Peril albums can be found here:


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