Ace Trigonometry

197304_4628517343_8246_nClocking in a trilogy, and an unreleased album, Ace Trigonometry was a loose character and moniker used by Vov Abraxas for a rap project.
After completing the trilogy, and keeping the fourth album to himself, Vov distanced himself from the project in favor of putting more effort into The Pteradons and then eventually, Afterworld.

Ace Trigonometry was a strong character made of the chaotic thoughts of Vov Abraxas, but after a while, Vov felt the process, and the lyrics themselves were too on the nose, and sometimes too personal, and even immature… at the same time, that was what made working on the project a pleasant and memorable experience.

It is possible that the project will be reignited as Vov has been flirting with the idea of bringing back the toxic care free persona that walked through walls and got away with everything.


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