connex and shouts

Jess T. Horricks – musician, writer, philosopher

Phineas Gauge – band

kyle kostecki – musician and brilliant visual artist and vagabond.

check out Kendra Ezack. comedian/pun specialist/ musician

sound collages by Ed Blanchette, who otherwise specializes in visual art.

dib – droppin ill beats.

foul tone records

shouts to theymedia

shouts to deep cave

shouts to snhk

shouts to bottom rockers

shouts to wildheart

shouts to nyco rudolph

shouts to mudtown records

shouts to electric voice records

shouts to deafwish

shouts to hey you millionaires!

shouts to DJ vilify

shouts to kilma

shouts to freedom danish

shouts to harmsworth

shouts to moldylox

shouts to hellacaust

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