hotel in south nowhere

“jennifer knows where all the bodies are buried. it makes sense that she sees where i’m dragging these stones. i gotchu my friend, my love or whatever, my mistress with the secret codes. hello old friend, let’s dig us up a couple new holes. cuz yknow i know you know.” “you can grab yourself a shovel and you can dig up all of my bones. you can get yourself a microscope and go over me with a fine tooth comb. you can play my life back. prod my brain with electrodes… and you’ll still never know you’ll still never know you’ll never know what jennifer knows.”

my soul aches neon rain baby my life is made of love and pain my halo stained in a coma but its not over lover supernova life in chaos cosmic butter spread love seance wonder why the wander lust never die its just too much your nonstop eyes turn me to dust i want to love you forever in a ghost story but im still feelin half alive and i dont want to put that on you im scared to dream too hard but its what i got i dont believe in reality anymore blue and green you and me is a beautiful dream euphoria corporeal for real any color you feel me until a beam of light spill all over everything reckless abandon caution to the wind serotonin dopamine adrenaline coursin and of course i was bored and forlorn until you came along and sang a song of soft core some swans were born in a storm of devil horns and love was…. its all good just torn from the roses and thorns i dont believe in reality anymore

a samhain harvest got some love up in my soul euphoria i see you packing glow bad galaxy droppin star dust on me insomnia you know i love you to the bone buttfuck nowhere feelin loony tune in the virgo new moon im like a t1000 healin uzi wounds if theres anything better woopty doo i dont wanna give a fuhhhh cuz we’re doomed we’re fuhhh no duhhh i just wanna feel like uhhhh gimme luhhhhhhh wuddup eyeballs flesh so pretty fucks me up pheramonal what the fuck flesh so pretty fucks me up buryin my bones in legendary mode flesh so pretty fucks me up endo exo raspberry echo flesh so pretty fucks me up