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The functionality of the Apple iPhone microphone is no doubt exceptional. But, don’t forget 
that in every handheld electronic gadget, additional layers of brilliant functionalities usually mean additional layers of troubleshooting to fix these functionalities when they stop responding normally! Unlike most of the other phones in the market today, the iPhone features unique microphone-enabled headphones. On the right cord of your white earphones, you can see a tiny remote and a microphone. To support this special microphone functionality, the iPhone uses a unique 3-ring TRRS connector, which is different from the usual 2-ring TRS connector used by other handsets in the market. Majority of the headphone problems that the iPhone users face are due to various issues pertaining to the microphone. Is that the case with you as well? Is your iPhone mic not working properly? Well, you just don’t need to get worried! Here’s a quick fix to the problem.

If your iPhone is exposed to dirt and dust quite often, the extra third ring present in the iPhone TRRS connector fails to make proper contact with the headphone jack of the iPhone, thereby causing the iPhone microphone to gradually lose its functionality. One way in which you can fix this is to brush away the debris, lint, or dust trappings from the headphone jack. You may use a tooth brush for this purpose. But, that usually doesn’t help to a very great extent. The best option is to use a toothpick wrapped in a thin sheet of toilet paper to brush lightly against the walls of the headphone jack. This must be enough to remove the little debris that is stuck inside the jack. But, while using a toothpick, make sure it is not a wet one. Any water or moisture on the toothpick can cause the moisture sensor present in the headphone jack to get activated. On getting exposed to slightest amount of moisture, these sensors tend to change their color from silver to pink. The color change indicates iPhone water damage and if that happens, your iPhone warranty will get null and void immediately. This is because the warranty doesn’t cover any damage caused to the device due to your carelessness. 

Another option is to replace the defective iPhone microphone with a new one. If your iPhone is still under warranty, you may apply for a replacement headphones set at the Apple store. However, this is possible only if the original microphone stops working on its own and if there is no reason of accident or mishandling behind the damage. The Apple Care warranty given on your iPhone by the manufacturer actually doesn’t cover any damage caused due to accident or mishandling. If in case, the iPhone warranty is over, you may purchase the replacement headphones or get your original microphone repaired at a local iPhone repair store in your locality. You may search for local iPhone repair stores online or ask your friends and colleagues for a reference. Also, make sure that the repair shop that you ultimately finalize offer quick repair services and replacement iPhone microphone with warranty.